Product Solutions: End of Life

Extention of Product Life
Si360™ is an accredited source and approved supplier for the Aerospace and Military product manufacturers. We provide a dedicated source of supply to meet classified product requirements of our mil-aero customers. Si360™ and its parent company (STS) has extensive experience of design, manufacturing and productization of high-reliability products from initial die to production silicon. We have supported major space and missile programs by providing complex manufacturing and qualification services. We are a domestic subcontractor with advanced capabilities and steadfast infrastructure to support long-term production of Military and Space components and products. We offer custom and specialty solutions as today’s technologies in need of customized and revolutionary processing. Standard processing is a phenomenon of the past.

We have provided after market support for obsolete, sunset, End-of-life, hard-to-find products with diminishing technologies and DMSMS products. Our key niche market segments are Specialty ASIC’s, Military Compliance and High Security Applications.

End-to-end Product Continuity

ArrowParts Management/ Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

The defense acquisition environment is affected by rapidly-changing technologies, increase in the use of commercial parts and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS). Si360™ mitigates the risk of continuous program support through an effective parts management program. Our parts management is an engineering-intensive process. We thoroughly research the preferred and commonly used electronic components and materials during the manufacture of military equipment. We ensure technical compatibility, long-term reliability, availability, part and supplier performance and quality, manufacturability and maintenance among other significant considerations.

ArrowBulk Procurement

Si360™ procures die/wafers of trailing-edge technologies from its original manufacturers or authorized third party diminished product sources. We offer last-time and lifetime buys for most commercially viable products. We have a complete parts management program in-house that allows us to bank wafers with contained unit cost, helps us determine from our military and space customers which products need on-going support and manage critical Bill-of-Materials.

ArrowTechnology Validation

We perform independent validation of IP for functionality. The product undergoes extensive testing and characterization. We perform system integration, autonomous verification, validation and sustenance to qualify a technology. We test for functionality, performance, prediction versus actual by using our stringent testability and diagnostic tools and engineering insight.

ArrowPart Substitution

Another form of obsolescence mitigation that Si360™ offers is identifying similar parts and electronic components that have an identical form, fit and function. Si360™ puts in profound deliberation and engineering intellect to classify similar parts and backs it with 100% warranty.

ArrowDesign Conversion/Migration

We extend product lifecycles by redesigning products if the original product or components are not available. Si360™ upgrades the product by using new components through redesigning to match precise form and fit at package level and precise functionality at die level. We design for manufacturability where new components are built to package, electrical and reliability requirements of the product/system. Si360™ has successfully deployed ASICs with design refreshes.

ArrowPrototype Development

Our assembly line is ITAR controlled and is fully equipped to provide rapid prototype development of classic ASIC’s and ASSP’s. Si360™ manufacturing team has assembled hermetic products, rugged modules, MCM, Multi-chip, hybrid products and Flip Chip etc.


We offer comprehensive productization solutions from software development, military temperature tests, military level qualification, characterization, to yield ramp. A full complement of hi-reliability test and packaging services offers a secure supply chain to our mil-aero customers ensuring reduced risk and proven quality compliance. We redevelop test programs, guaranteeing conformance with original device specifications.


We provide custom as well as standard packaging. Our infrastructure is geared to manufacture medium volumes. Si360™ has the ability to build and test a myriad of semiconductor packages. We ensure that the packages conform to all form, fit and functionality requirements. We can easily accommodate redesigned die in our manufacturing processes through our concurrent packaging design ideology.

ArrowInventory Management

Si360™ offers bonded storage areas that are ESD controlled and routine inspections are regularly done. We maintain inventory and boxstock for our production-ready customers for direct shipment to end users. We also act as a reservoir of wafer and die level inventory and kitting to support on-going A&D programs and last time buys. For urgent product needs, our inventory of finished goods regularly undergoes value-added upscreening that involves optical inspection as well as electrical parametric testing. More

ArrowTotal Program Management

Si360™ dedicates a complete and meticulous program management resource for each mission-critical project of our customers. Our program management allows for the technical oversight of all-inclusive project planning, programming and execution. We continuously monitor adherence to schedules and submission of progress reports and develop customer status updates.

Detailed Documentation

Program management at Si360™ offers complete traceability and accountability of all the elements of the supply chain that it is engaged in. Our documentation is comprehensive and infallible and facilitates source inspection as well as the overall qualification at our company.

Value-added Services

ArrowBuy & Sell

Si360™ acts as a value-added reseller where it procures obsolete, hard-to-find, end-of-life semiconductors, upscreens them to enhanced levels, characterizes and qualifies them and resells them under its warranty. We perform counterfeit analysis also. We are the only source that does extensive processing on procured products such as burn-in, latent infant mortality detection, tri-temperature testing, thermal analysis, marking with a comprehensive reliability report. There is minimal risk for the buyer of a resurrected product at Si360™.

ArrowStock Rotation

Si360™ also offers routine stock rotations so you don’t have to put excess inventory in your way. We have a comprehensive semiconductor stock rotation procedure for upscreening and qualifying fast moving, urgently needed inventory.


With changing technology needs, our customers need to enhance their products to keep pace with the dynamic technological advancements as well as conform to the severe requirements of military and space applications. Si360™ re-engineers enhanced products for form factor and functional compatibility. We redesign products with advanced features and latest technologies coupled with our in-house ITAR-controlled assembly to furnish an enhanced military and space grade product. We empower our customers to migrate legacy applications to latest technologies.


In some special cases, Si360™ can also utilize new components which have identical form, fit and function and fabricate them using newer technologies.


Si360™ certifies enhanced products to original specifications and offers an array of Certified Enhanced Devices ‘CED’.


We perform value-added upscreen to meet the harshest temperature requirements and obtain radiation hardness assurance. Products are tested at military range temperatures to qualify for the enhanced high-reliability version. We offer collaboration in ruggedization for space applications.

ArrowCOTS to TRL or Uprating

We upscreen Commerical-off-the-Shelf products to Techology-Readiness-Levels to optimize them for rugged applications. The commercial version of the parts are qualified at higher temperatures than rated by the manufacturer. This is a viable approach where OEM’s need a broader environmental range part for applications such as automotive, avionics and military to uprate the commercial version of the part to meet ruggedized levels.