Welcome to Silicon360

Silicon360, (Si360™) is a product enablement partner. We are a trusted source and comprehensive domestic supplier of secure and fully qualified semiconductors to the military, aerospace, industrial, medical and commercial markets. We offer turnkey productization solutions ranging from design, manufacturing, test, system integration and semiconductor lifecycle management services.


Si360 offers space-level manufacturing and test flows, thus ensuring lifetime support for radiation hard space products.


Si360 provides a comprehensive suite of lifecycle solutions for military devices entailing semiconductor re-creation, ruggedization and after market support.


Extensive documentation and traceability is ensured during our turnkey manufacturing, validation and testing of high-performing medical grade devices. Lifetime support guaranteed.


Si360 serves industrial product segments of automotive, telecommunications, and computing to offer turnkey manufacturing and test solutions.


Si360™ takes new products from Concept to Product Launch.
We ensure quick time-to-market for high-end, high-performance products.

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