Services: Product Qualification & Validation


Si360™ engineering team has more than three decades of wide-ranging qualification experience.

Si360™ uses superior Reliability and Qualification knowledge and tools to test high performing devices as well as qualify entire systems. We have attained extensive knowledge and increased momentum through countless product deployment projects. Si360™’s reliability tools and equipment are research-based and highly advanced to qualify increasingly complex devices.

With shorter product lifecycles, semiconductor devices are continuously being modified, redesigned and repackaged. Electronics manufacturers are faced with the reliability implications of such changes.  Si360™ offers them the peace of mind by ensuring that all the necessary modeling and reliability tests and ORM’s are conducted on their products as they release for acceptance.

Hi-Reliability Qualification

Si360™ specializes in the qualification of hi-reliability products belonging to Aerospace, Military, Heavy Industrial and Medical applications. Products are subjected to very harsh and demanding conditions in these applications. Our qualification regime includes an extensive range of temperature characterization and unique qualification options.

Device Characterization

Enhanced products for the Aerospace, Military, Heavy Industrial and Medical applications are operated at extended temperatures from -55°C to 220°C. Si360™’s unique thermal characterization plan with high temperature life-time testing, for these products, focuses in detecting failures at interim levels to provide assurance to manufacturers that their products perform seamlessly under unusually demanding conditions. Our tests simulate the harshest operating conditions with real-time monitoring and data acquisition. We also build our own hardware that is customized with high temperature materials to withstand temperatures above 250°C for 1,000 hours.

Device Feasibility Analysis

We perform upfront evaluation and Endurance Testing. Reliability is performed at maximum recommended operating conditions to evaluate silicon reliability and package reliability. Si360™ has the capability in-house to qualify the most complex packages and devices and offer custom solutions to its reliability customers.

Multiple Package/Product Evaluation

  • Ceramic
  • Die
  • Plastic
  • Pb
  • DSP
  • Power Management
  • Amplifiers
  • Data Converters
  • Logic
  • Interface
  • Communications


New Product Qualification

At every significant change in the manufacturing process of a product, there arises a need for proper qualification to ensure that the new change (may it be new components, technology or a new process) is attuned to meet the form, fit and functional requirements of the final product. Due to a variety of changes and varied technologies, there is no standard procedure for qualification. Therefore, Si360™ has a suite of custom-made reliability and qualification plans that are tailored to suit the device application, intended-use, temperature ranges etc. The key to the success of qualification plans lies in the accurate prediction of potential failure mechanisms. Once these are identified, then the appropriate tests are determined.

Si360™ specializes in system-level qualification. We have inherent knowledge of the interaction of components in a system and design our qualification regimes to consider all complexities of mechanical and electrical specifications.

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