Product Solutions: Product Lifecycle Management

Product LifeCycle Management

Si360™ was established with a distinct focus in mind. To contribute towards the single most critical and the most challenging of outsourced semiconductor services – enable customer product from concept to a successful and timely product launch.

Si360™’s engagement model is based on two major market types:

1. The high-reliability aftermarket that is plagued with obsolescence, discontinued product supply, hard-to-find products, legacy and end-of-life products and requires a dedicated and reliable lifetime product support. Our services range from re-design- to inventory management and supply chain management.

2. The new product market that requires turnkey collaboration. This includes manufacturing and productization to rapidly deploy a concept to a commercially-available product with complete supply chain management.

We are in the midst of a highly dynamic technological environment, where technologies are changing rapidly to keep pace with the needs of the end consumer. These changes are rampant in military products, space products, heavy industrial and medical devices as well as cutting-edge and workhorse commercial products. Increases in speed, reduction in feature sizes and supply voltage, and changes in interconnection and packaging technologies have become a very frequent phenomenon. Sometimes the electronic components of the products have a shorter lifecycle than the product itself resulting in a lifecycle mismatch between the product and its electronic parts. These parts pose a threat of unavailability either because there is no demand or the technology is obsolete.

Commercial product lifetimes are measured in mere years’ with new products hitting the market on a routine basis. In the case of military and aerospace products, product lifetimes are much longer and may only need design refresh or repackaging to keep the product operating longer. Si360™ plays a substantial role in both scenarios. It is one of very few subcontractors that provide the most complete product enabling solutions; therefore, it is truly a 360 solutions company.


360 Product Enablement for Existing Products

360 Product Enablement for Existing Products Traditionally, 3% of electronic components are made obsolete every month, globally. On many aerospace and defense programs, the semiconductor Bill of Materials is out of production even before the program is commissioned. Si360™ proactively plans for obsolescence mitigation by strategic planning much ahead of any subsequent announcement made by the original manufacturers. Our charter is to provide our select collaborative partners with a secure domestic supply chain and product management solution that begins with Bill of Materials all the way to delivery of parts to end user. Silicon Turnkey Solutions, our Qualified and Approved Trusted Source, seamlessly migrates selected partners to Si360™ for uninterrupted lifecycle management of customer products. Si360™ offers a guaranteed migration strategy where we design, assemble, test and add value with no liability to our customers. We put our warranty on the finished products.

ArrowOur Service Portfolio for Sustained Continuity of Trailing-edge Products

  1. Lifetime Die/Wafer Buys - BOM Procurement
  2. Die/Wafer Banking
  3. Technology Validation and IP Enablement
  4. Access to Foundries
  5. Re-design
  6. Design Conversion/Migration - Concurrent Design
  7. Manufacturing, Build-to-suit
  8. Validation of Silicon and Package
  9. Collaboration with Existing Supply Chain
  10. High-speed, High-pin count Electrical and Reliability Qualification
  11. Ruggedization
  12. VAP - Value added Upsrceening
  13. Volume Production
  14. Inventory Management
  15. Drop Shipment

360 Product Enablement for New Products

A company envisioning a new product launch wants to concentrate on accelerating time to profitability, reduce developmental costs, extend product life/revenues, accelerate time-to-market, improve product traceability, reduce compliance and recall costs – in short focus on financial performance, time reduction, quality improvements and business improvements. It needs a strategic partner that can achieve all this repeatedly. Si360™ is that strategic partner that will see you through a product launch with ease and lowest possible risk. You reap the benefits of our engineering proficiency and years of enriched product deployment experience. Si360™ engages with products that have exceedingly high complexity. We are very familiar in handling ASICs, MEMs, SiPs and SoC’s etc.

ArrowOur Service Portfolio for New Product Introductions

  1. Technology Validation and IP Enablement
  2. Access to Foundries
  3. IC/Package Design – Concurrent Design
  4. Prototype Build
  5. Specialty and Standard Manufacturing
  6. Validation of Silicon and Package
  7. High-speed, High-pin Electrical and Reliability Qualification
  8. Yield Optimization
  9. Volume Production
  10. Documentation and Data Integrity
  11. Product Launch
  12. Inventory Management
  13. Drop Shipment

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