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Silicon360 (Si360™) is an independent division of Silicon Turnkey Solutions (STS). From its beginnings in 2009, Si360™ has grown to a world-leading fabless sub-contractor for high-end semiconductor solutions. We are focused at a single driving passion: to continue to be the collaborative technical extension for our customers and deliver the most innovative and feasible product lifecycle solutions to them.


Si360™ engage with prominent aerospace and military customers and is recognized for its breakthrough services. We work with medical and computing companies and productized high performing consumer products. We are a 100% domestic company and enable our US customers to keep the product processing within the US for guaranteed IP protection, higher efficiencies and enhanced quality of work.


Si360™ enables the continuous manufacture of high-reliability products that are reaching maturity or End-of-Life (EOL) status or are already obsolete. With our in-house, domestic capabilities of IC design, validation, prototype manufacture, qualification and volume production, Si360™ is the trusted source for Obsolescence management, semiconductor lifecycle management and semiconductor after market support.


Si360™ plays the role of a strategic partner for its customers that are en-route to bring a new product to market. Our state-of-the-art product enablement solutions allow new generations of increasingly advanced and powerful semiconductor products. We deliver to businesses that seek absolute performance from their subcontractors – may it be IP validation, technology validation, IC/substrate design, FPGA designs, rapid prototype builds or wafers to production – we ensure a total product solution with a quick time-to-market deliverance.


Si360™ is a forward-looking company that shares a common outlook with its customers - a single on-shore source for all semiconductor lifecycle needs driven to enable its customers to success, making their product vision a reality.

Silicon Turnkey Solutions Inc. (STS) – Our Parent Company

STS is an industry recognized collaborative partner that integrates concurrent engineering, manufacturing, test, and qualification processes with operational expertise. We provide leading-edge technology and services that enable our semiconductor and clean-tech customers to meet demanding time-to-market pressure of high costs and technical challenges. We are continuously re-inventing ourselves to better serve today’s evolving customer. Therefore, STS established an independent division of Si360™ that specializes in product enablement for military, aerospace and medical markets. Please visit our website at www.sts-usa.com for detailed information on our company.

Our Business