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New Product

With the semiconductor industry’s daunting design challenges, accelerated lifecycles and complex supply chains, Si360™ can be your strategic partner that takes you through to a successful product launch, eliminating the risks and uncertainties of missed launch dates, exceeding developmental budgets and failed quality targets.

Si360™’s comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management model ensures improved time-to-market and ramp-to-volume, reduced product costs, better product quality through concurrent design and manufacturability, more efficient collaboration with the supply chain contractors and most importantly absolute customer satisfaction. Si360™’s strong process execution allows meeting aggressive time cycles for new product introductions.

Our comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management offers the technical and strategic infrastructure needed to support design, data management, software development, manufacturing, production, market launch and field management so that we are in sync with your product strategy and roadmaps. We can manage lifetime supply of key components from introduction and production release to end-of-life.

Validation of IP

Si360™ provides IP and Design Validation through leading IP validation tools such as Cadence/Mentor Graphics and Synopsis. Our engineering champions have a solid understanding of providing support through benchmarking and IP characterization.


Si360™ design expertise is the most advanced in the industry, offering a range of high-end and innovative digital and analog IC designs and package/system designs. Si360™ has vast experience in designing microprocessors, FPGA’s, memories and digital ASIC’s as well as power IC’s and RF IC’s and redesigning for factor and performance compatibility for obsolete devices. More

Validation of Silicon – Proof of Concept

We also offer pre and post-silicon validation before releasing it to production. We specialize in board-level silicon validation that encompasses ASIC, FPGA, SoC, Chip bring-up and processor-based validations techniques. We fundamentally assist in endorsing Proof of Concept that is made possible through functional verification and our design for manufacturability expertise. We establish our validation plan according to the customer’s acceptance criteria and create an automated verification cycle and firmware that covers all the functional parameters.


We have a complete suite of manufacturing capabilities that ensure quick prototype builds and volume commitment – minimizing time-to-market pressure and costs. Si360™ engages in prototype and production assembly of semiconductor devices that require standard or custom builds. Our manufacturing capabilities range from advanced packages to system-on-board assembly. More

ArrowPackaging Engineering

  1. Optimum Package Analysis and Selection
  2. Assembly Yield Management
  3. Assembly Production Management
  4. Cost Reduction

ArrowProduct Engineering

  1. Production Flow Generation
  2. Production Management
  3. Yield Management
  4. Cost Reduction
  5. Failure Analysis
  6. NPI Management


After the technology roadmap is determined in collaboration with the customer, Si360™’s engineering team determines the platform of choice for wafer sort and test. Our in-house state-of-the-art ATE tools help us in performing high-speed, high-pin count testing with unlimited ease and efficiency. With rapid program development through our proprietary software, full characterization and yield optimization support is available. We have a commendable volume production infrastructure with numerous handlers and back-end support. More

ArrowTest Engineering

  1. Test Plan
  2. Test Program Development
  3. Tester Selection
  4. Test Time Management
  5. Multi-Site Production
  6. Test Program Migration
  7. Wafer Level Testing
  8. Test Program Porting


Si360™ uses superior Reliability and Qualification knowledge and tools to test high performing devices as well as qualify entire systems. We have attained extensive knowledge and increased momentum through countless product deployment projects. Si360™’s reliability tools and equipment are research-based and highly advanced to qualify increasingly complex devices. More

ArrowReliability Engineering

  1. Qual Plan
  2. New Product Qualification
  3. On-going Reliability
  4. Failure Analysis
  5. Qual Lab Management

Quality Assurance & Document Control

Si360™ furnishes complete documentation for quality certifications, customer audits, change control management, internal quality policies and complaint procedures.

Shipment & Logistics Management

Si360™ has on and off shore logistics resources. We fulfill drop shipments globally with comprehensive shipment schedule management.

Product Sustenance & Maintenance

Our commitment does not end with a successful product launch. We offer product sustenance and maintenance through our field management efforts. We partner with our customers to enhance their products and technologies by customizing the product, adding new features etc. to ensure extended profitability and increased market share.

  • Product Customization/Re-engineering
  • Product Enhancement
  • Product Improvements
  • Technology Migration