Services: Specialty Manufacturing


Si360™ engages in prototype and production assembly of semiconductor devices that are tested and globally shipped to customers and end consumers. Our custom manufacturing capabilities range from advanced ASIC packages to system-on-board packages. Si360™ has a dedicated assembly staff that is proficient in new product assembly, multi-chip integration, re-creation of existing products, advanced wafer level packaging and sustained manufacturing. With our innovative technology and concurrent packaging design, we are best-in-class for semiconductor assembly.

Rapid Prototyping

Our manufacturing is seamlessly linked to tester selection, program development, characterization and qualification planning. With all packaging and test capabilities, being under one roof, there are no delays and total security is guaranteed. We develop prototypes rapidly and meet the time-to-market deadlines resourcefully.

ArrowAdvanced Packages

  1. Flip Chip
  2. Specialty Micro BGA
  3. Ceramic
  4. Hermetic
  5. MCM / MEM
  6. SIP / SOC
  7. Stacked Die

ArrowSystem-on-board Packaging

  1. Substrate Design, Characterization & Manufacturing
  2. Thermal Stress Design
  3. Automated Screen Printing
  4. Pick & Place

ArrowAssembly Capabilities

  1. Die or Package level
  2. Wire Bonding or Flip Chip Connectivity
  3. Excellent Overhanging Silicon
  4. Mixed-die Interconnect
  5. Room Temperature Bonding
  6. Testing and burn-in of each stacked layer prior to and after stack assembly
  7. Integrated thermal path to ambient for inner stacked layers
  8. In-line acoustic micro imaging for inter-layer delamination

Product Re-packaging

We are a specialty assembly contractor that offers a trusted source for customized packaging of high reliability products as well as re-packaging of commercial devices into military and aerospace grade. We specialize in the sustained manufacturing of End-of-Life (EOL), obsolete and discontinued products and diminished source technologies through our sophisticated material procurements and re-building solutions. We have been successfully supporting the aftermarket manufacturing demand for discontinued semiconductors, RF products and IC’s.

Given the current semiconductor technology trend for higher performance, more complex functionality and smaller form factors, Si360™ also has the ability to re-manufacture products to account for a more compact, lighter packages. Our form factor re-manufacturing allows for Size, Weight and Power SWaP considerations that are essential for military and aerospace products.

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