Services: Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Si360™ guiding principle for inventory management is to have an effective system that allows for the right products in the right quantity- at the right time.

Finished Goods Inventory

Si360™ maintains inventory and box stock for its production customers for direct shipment to end users. We have a dedicated warehouse for finished goods inventory that is ESD controlled and inspected regularly to conform to ISO quality requirements.

Long-term Storage

Si360™ acts as a reservoir of wafer and die level inventory and kitting to support on-going A&D programs and last time buys. In order to sustain continued supply of sunset products and diminishing technologies and to prevent obsolescence, Si360™ has acquired storage rights for numerous products from original manufacturers. This extends long-term access to DMSMS and obsolete products to our military and space customers. It also curtails the need to redesign products that can have significant costs to our customers.


ESD Controlled

We have extensive knowledge and experience in handling bare die with ESD protected infrastructure. Our warehouse is ESD cosseted; temperature and humidity controlled and has been established with absolute privacy and security in mind. There is complete traceability of each device, may it be finished goods, silicon wafers or bare silicon.

Special Considerations

Si360™ also provides for additional precautions such as:

  • Individual antistatic packing
  • Vacuum sealed in dry nitrogen
  • Desiccant
  • Moisture Indicator
  • Barcode Labeling


Ready for Release

Si360™ ensures ready release of the product to customers’ urgent requirements. Therefore the stored inventory is regularly inspected, tested and is guaranteed to perform its designated function. Our inventory is stored per military specifications.

Value-added Upscreening (VAP)

VAP is a normal practice at Si360™ that involves routine periodic testing of stock. The procedures include:

  1. Optical Inspection
  2. Solderability Testing
  3. Electrical Parametric Testing
  4. Fine and Gross Leak Hermeticity Testing
  5. Destructive Physical Analysis
  6. Residual Gas Analysis
  7. Wire Bond and Die Shear Strength Testing

With occasional failures, Si360™ exercises due diligence of re-work and re-testing to consider the devices usability. The devices are qualified to Mil-M-38510 Class S which is the highest quality standard for military devices.