Services: IC/ Package Design


Si360™ design expertise is the most advanced in the semiconductor industry, offering a range of high-end and innovative digital and analog IC designs and SoC designs. Si360™ has vast experience in designing custom microprocessors, FPGA’s, memories and digital ASIC’s as well as power IC’s and RF IC’s.

Si360™ has successfully completed package designs that have been feature-rich and field-proven enabling high-performance products with superior technology. Challenges such as design complexities, time-to-market pressure, verification challenges and IP integration are opportunities for Si360™ to prove that it can not only address these developmental challenges but provide the most optimal solution through its comprehensive front-end design capabilities.

Si360™ offers highly feasible and cost effective design solutions using the most efficient and pioneering engineering expertise and design tools. Si360™'s automated design tools allow it to turn over designs rapidly and validate its performance seamlessly. We engage in concurrent packaging design, where packaging goes hand in hand with the creations of the physical design, ensuring optimized system-level signal integrity.

Design Conversion/ Migration

Our design services include flawless migration from design to production for trailing-edge technologies. We perform precise design replication of obsolete parts that include design conversion from FPGA to ASIC. Our expertise allows us to seamlessly resuscitate designs of discontinued products into highly integrated ASIC and SoC solutions to ensure a sustained lifecycle.

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